db_4007Name                                            Be Still My Heart
Bracelet Watch

Price                                                                               $25.00

Brief Description                              Heart Bracelet

SKU/Part Number                                              4007

Manufacturer                                                Novadab


db_10898Name                            Expressively Yours
Mother Bracelet

Price                                                  $12.00

Brief Description              Mother Bracelet

SKU/Part Number                             10898

Manufacturer                           Expressively


db_91083Name                                  Matte Semi-Precious
Stone Stretch Bracelet

Price                                                            $10.00

Brief Description                          Semi-Precious

SKU/Part Number                                        91083

Manufacturer                                                 Crave


db_18020Name                               Symbology Bracelet
Angel Wing, Treel of Life

Price                                                         $9.00

Brief Description                           Symbology

SKU/Part Number                                18020

Manufacturer                                             KIS


db_4145Name                                            Bangle Bracelet
with Crystals

Price                                                            $10.00

Brief Description                           Crystal Bangle

SKU/Part Number                                         4145

Manufacturer                                      Kim Rogers


db_4146Name                                          Faux Pearl
                                           Stretch Bracelet

Price                                                  $10.00

Brief Description                 Pearl Bracelet

SKU/Part Number                               4146

Manufacturer                           Kim Rogers


db_4142Name                                   Gold Wide Open
Braided Bangle Bracelet

Price                                                     $10.00

Brief Description                               Braided
Bangle Bracelet

SKU/Part Number                                  4142

Manufacturer                               Kim Rogers


db_4143Name                             Gold Tone Bangle
with Crystals

Price                                                  $10.00

Brief Description                             Bangle
with Crystals

SKU/Part Number                              4143

Manufacturer                          Kim Rogers


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