db_6492Name                                    Silk Design
Coin Purse

Price                                               $7.00

Brief Description                 Coin Purse

SKU/Part Number                         6492

Manufacturer                             Schyling


db_100D-7120Name                                                Ulla Long Caftan

Price                                                                  $22.00

Brief Description                                              Striped Caftan

SKU/Part Number                                     100D-7120

Manufacturer                                                       Winlar


db_207-7079Name                         Kara Long Caftan

Price                                                          $22.00

Brief Description:                Coral Color Caftan

SKU/Part Number                  207-7079

Manufacturer                                  Winlar


db_100-7039Name                               Bridgette  Long Caftan

Price                                                           $22.00

Brief Description:                      Abstract Design Caftan

SKU/Part Number                                100-7039

Manufacturer                                              Winlar

db_200-8241Name                         Melodee Long Caftan

Price                                                    $22.00

Brief Description:            Multi Color Caftan

SKU/Part Number                         200-8241

Manufacturer                                        Winlar


db_200-8231Name                                          Layla Long Caftan

Price                                                               $22.00

Brief Description                                  Long Caftan

SKU/Part Number                                   200-8231

Manufacturer                                                 Winlar



db_200E-8257Name                               Zelda Long Caftan

Price                                                    $22.00

Brief Description                       Animal Print

SKU/Part Number                      200E-8257

Manufacturer                                       Winlar


db_200-8281Name                                          Bonnye Long Caftan

Price                                                                  $22.00

Brief Description                                    Red Tie-Dye

SKU/Part Number                                        200-8281

Manufacturer                                                      Winlar


db_100-8290Name                                      Abby Long Caftan

Price                                             $22.00

Brief Description                          Caftan

SKU/Part Number                   100-8290

Manufacturer                                 Winlar


db_80191Name                       Art Heart “A Mom listens with her heart”

Price                                                              $14.00

Brief Description                           Art Heart - Mom

SKU/Part Number                                         80191

Manufacturer                                           Demdaco



db_57255Name                 Metal Auto Visor Clip
                               Never Drive Faster

Price                                              $5.00

Brief Description   Never Drive Faster

SKU/Part Number                       57255

Manufacturer                         Angel Star


db_15690Name                             Pewter Auto Visor Clip
Guardian Angels

Price                                                            $6.00

Brief Description                     Guardian Angels

SKU/Part Number                                     15690

Manufacturer                                      Angel Star



db_57330Name                            Metal Auto Visor
Clip “Arrive Alive”

Price                                                $5.00

Brief Description                   Arrive Alive

SKU/Part Number                         57330

Manufacturer                           Angel Star


db_1168Name                                   Flower Stretch Ring
with Multi Color Crystals

Price                                                             $5.00

Brief Description                 Flower Stretch Ring

SKU/Part Number                                       1168

Manufacturer                               Not Applicable



db_5052Name             White Watch Ring with
Round Face

Price                                           $10.00

Brief Description               Watch Ring

SKU/Part Number                        5052

Manufacturer                                Bohzi





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