db_1197Name                                 Silver Heart
Photo Locket

Price                                           $10.00

Brief Description            Silver Locket

SKU/Part Number                        1197

Manufacturer                 TJW Fashion


db_1209Name                                   Sterling Silver
Figaro Chain

Price                                                 $10.00

Brief Description                  Figaro Chain

SKU/Part Number                              1209

Manufacturer                        TJW Fashion


db_3011Name                                            Antique Style
Crystal Necklace

Price                                                        $15.00

Brief Description                  Crystal Necklace

SKU/Part Number                                       301

Manufacturer                             Not Applicable


9095Name                        Love Pearl Necklace

Price                                                    $9.00

Brief Description               Pearl Necklace

SKU/Part Number                              9095

Manufacturer                    Puka Creations



db_99107Name              Silver Mother/Daughter
Heart Pendant Set

Price                                           $12.00

Brief Description      Mother/Daughter Set

SKU/Part Number                       99107

Manufacturer                       Steel Time


db_1289Name                                Crystal and Nylon
20” Necklace

Price                                                   $13.00

Brief Description             Crystal Necklace

SKU/Part Number                                1289

Manufacturer                       Kaiyue Crystal



db_1241Name                                     Gold Tone Disc

Price                                                      $10.00

Brief Description             Gold Disc Pendant

SKU/Part Number                                   1241

Manufacturer                           Not Applicable


db_1901 Name                           Mother and Daughter
Tablet Pendant

Price                                                     $15.00

Brief Description         Mother and Daughter

SKU/Part Number                                   1901

Manufacturer                            Not Applicable


db_1232Name                    Red Starfish Pendant

Price                                              $12.00

Brief Description         Starfish Pendant

SkU/Part Number                            1232

Manufacturer                    Not Applicable


db_1338Name                      Semi-Precious Stone
Pendant - Agate

Price                                                   $6.00

Brief Description               Agate Pendant

SKU/Part Number                              1338

Manufacturer           TJW Fashion Jewelry


db_1336Name                Semi-Precious Stone
Pendant - Crystal

Price                                             $6.00

Brief Description        Crystal Pendant

SKU/Part Number                         1336

Manufacturer     TJW Fashion Jewelry


db_1330Name                      Semi-Precious Stone
Pendant - Firewood Agate

Price                                                   $6.00

Brief Description             Firewood Agate

SKU/Part Number                              1330

Manufacturer          TJW Fashion Jewelry


db_1332Name                Semi-Precious Stone
Pendant - Light Amethyst

Price                                             $6.00

Brief Description         Light Amethyst

SKU/Part Number                        1332

Manufacturer     TJW Fashion Jewelry


db_1339Name                      Semi-Precious Stone
Pendant - Rhodonite

Price                                                   $6.00

Brief                       Description Rhodonite

SKU/Part Number                               1339

Manufacturer            TJW Fashion Jewelry


db_1333Name                Semi-Precious Stone
Pendant - Turquoise

Price                                             $6.00

Brief Description                  Turquoise

SKU/Part Number                         1333

Manufacturer       TJW Fashion Jewelry


db_1112Name                            Tibetan Silver and
Turquoise Swan Pendant

Price                                                 $10.00

Brief Description                Swan Pendant

SKU/Part Number                               1112

Manufacturer            TJW Fashion Jewelry


69972_dbName                         Silver Bird with Nest
and Turquoise Eggs Pendant

Price                                                  $10.00

Brief Description               Silver Bird/Nest Pendant

SKU/Part Number                             69972

Manufacturer                                       Huitan


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