db_1224Name                                    Colorful Bird

Price                                                 $5.00

Brief Description                         Bird Pin

SKU/Part Number                            1224

Manufacturer                    Not Applicable


db_223439Name             Angel Cameo Pin/Brooch

Price                                               $12.00

Brief Description                      Angel Pin

SKU/Part Number                        223439

Manufacturer                    Alexa’s Angels


db_1200Name                     Penguin Pin/Brooch

Price                                              $6.00

Brief Description               Penguin Pin

SKU/Part Number                          1200

Manufacturer                  Not Applicable


db_1218Name                                  Small Frog

Price                                            $4.00

Brief Description                   Frog Pin

SKU/Part Number                        1218

Manufacturer                Not Applicable


db_6165Name Princess                    Cruise Line
Captain’s Circle Rewards Pin

Price                                               $5.00

Brief Description                    Captain’s
Circle Pin

SKU/Part Number                           6165

Manufacturer                   Not Applicable


db_6162Name                  Princess Cruise Line
Lapel Pin

Price $4.00

Brief Description      Princess Cruise
Lapel Pin

SKU/Part Number                        6162

Manufacturer                 Not Applicable


db_68961Name                          Christmas Glitz

Price                                         $12.00

Brief Description                 Xmas Pin

SKU/Part Number                     68961

Manufacturer                     Studio Ville


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