db_4865Name                     God’s Heart Earrings

Price                                               $20.00

Brief Description              Heart Earrings

                         SKU/Part Number                           4865

                         Manufacturer                                 DMM


db_ab38_jpgName                           Gold Cross Heart

Price                                               $15.00

Brief Description                   Gold Cross

                         SKU/Part Number                            ab38

                         Manufacurer                         Amanda Blu


db_125RName                               Blackwood Rosary
with Lock Links

Price                                                    $19.00

Brief Description            Blackwood Rosary

SKU/Part Number                                 125R

Manufacturer                         Not Applicable


db_880032Name                             Angel Wing Necklace

Price                                                       $12.00

Brief Description                           Angel Wing

SKU/Part Number                               880032

Manufacturer                                               KIS


db_7039multiName                                Crystal Rosary
Stretch Bracelet

Price                                                $5.00

Brief Description          Rosary Bracelet

SKU/Part Number                         7039

Manufacturer                  Not Applicable


db_35775Name                               Pocket Rosary

Price                                                $5.00

Brief Description             Pocket Rosary

SKU/Part Number                         35775

Manufacturer                    Not Applicable


db_1097Name                                    Stainless Steel
Simple Cross

Price                                                   $10.00

Brief Description                   Simple Cross

SKU/Part Number                               1097

Manufacturer             TJW Fashion Jewelry


db_1303Name                            Silver Cross with
Yellow Highlights

Price                                                $8.00

Brief Description                     Silver and
Yellow Cross

SKU/Part Number                          1303

Manufacturer      TJW Fashion Jewelry


db_61848Name                        Gold Lord’s Prayer

Price                                              $10.00

Brief Description     Gold Lord’s Prayer

SKU/Part Number                        61848

Manufacturer                         Steel Time


db_61849Name                       Silver Lord’s Prayer

Price                                             $10.00

Brief Description                Silver Lord’s
Prayer Cross

SKU/Part Number                        61849

Manufacturer                          Steel Time


db_1503  Name                                           Silver Unisex Crucifix

Price                                                         $10.00

Brief Description                                    Crucifix

SKU/Part Number                                      1503

              Manufacturer                              Not Applicable                 


db_6177Name                                          Pink Bead

Price                                                 $10.00

Brief Description                       Pink Bead

SKU/Part Number                              6177

Manufacturer                        TJW Fashion


db_6176 Name                                  Yellow Bead

Price                                              $10.00

Brief Description                 Yellow Bead

SKU/Part Number                             6176

Manufacturer                        TJW Fashion


db_12599Name                       Retractable ID Reel
with Inspirational Passages

Price                                                $8.00

Brief Description                 Inspirational
ID Reel

SKU/Part Number                          12599

Manufacturer                       Mary Square


db_1451Name                               Stainless Steel
Serenity Prayer Ring

Price                                              $10.00

Brief Description            Serenity Prayer

SKU/Part Number                             1451

Manufacturer                    Not Applicable


db_1100Name                       White Bead Rosary
in Cross Shaped Box

Price                                                $7.00

Brief Description                 White Bead

SKU/Part Number                            1100

Manufacturer                    Not Applicable


db_223439Name                 Angel Cameo Pin/Brooch

Price                                                  $12.00

Brief Description                          Angel Pin

SKU.Part Number                            223439

Manufacturer                         Alexa’s Angels



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